You can now find an INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide at locations across Australia by clicking here!

Originating from Japan, Shinrin-yoku (Nature and Forest Therapy) is an evidence-based preventative and therapeutic health practice of immersion in forests and other natural environments, intending to promote mental and physical health while at the same time being able to enjoy and appreciate nature.

The walks are very popular so book your spot early!

Since the pandemic, people are more stressed, anxious, and depressed and have chronic health conditions. Guided Forest Therapy walks provide a pathway for people to regain their health, feel safe and supported, learn and remember how good it is to immerse in nature and rest from all that consumes us in our daily lives. Forest Therapy walks help participants take time out of their busy lives so they can slow down and connect with the calming and health-giving benefits of nature.

During a Forest Therapy walk, you will be guided through a sequence of nature connection practices. There is no expectation of what you should do, experience, or receive. Rather, guides simply encourage and support participants to immerse in nature through their senses, looking, listening, exploring, noticing and feeling with a quiet and accepting presence.

A relaxing tea ceremony!

Forest Therapy Guides gently support participants through a sequence of nature connection activities to wonder slowly, mindfully and in appreciation of nature.

Taking a walk in nature has healing power for our minds and souls. We don’t ask anything from nature, yet nature gives us silence, peace, harmony and beauty, without limits. Walking in nature is an efficient therapy for our stressed, fast-paced lives.