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Forest Therapy is a research-based practice for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. In Germany it is known as "Klinische Waldtherapie", in Japan it is called "Shinrin-yoku" (森林浴) or "Shinrin-ryōhō (森林療法)", in Korea it is referred to as "Sanlimyok (산림욕)" and in China people call it "Sēnlín liáofǎ (森林療法)". Forest Therapy is a medically proven and internationally recognized therapeutic approach with a wealth of health benefits. These include boosted immune system, normalized blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, increased creativity and ability to focus, accelerated recovery from surgery or illness, increased vitality and energy levels as well as better and more restful sleep. You can find more information about the science and research behind Forest Therapy in the International Handbook of Forest Therapy released in 2019. Exclusively in Australia, In My Nature offers INFTA-certified and accredited Forest Therapy sessions for your healthy and balanced life. Choose from introductory nature walks, guided Forest Therapy sessions and exclusive Forest Therapy retreats. There is no better way for your wellbeing than to trust nature's own healing power: Forest Therapy!
Forest Therapy
touching ferns

Gentle, guided walks that support wellbeing through sensory immersion in forested environments. Forest Therapy bears significant therapeutic value, taking the stress off you. The practice is a traditional, well-established and highly recommended stress reliever. It allows you to get away from the daily routines, the demands at your workplace or boredom at home. To achieve the desired health benefits, In My Nature offers regular Forest Therapy sessions and tailor-made packages. icon more...
Wellbeing Tourism
Wellbeing Tourism

In times of global climate change and an increased recognition of the importance of nature, sustainable health and wellbeing tourism is trending. Forest Therapy is very much an integral part of responsible tourism. To meet the rising demand, In My Nature embarks on training Forest Therapy Guides in Asia and the Middle East in 2023. icon more...
Outdoor Coaching
outdoor coaching

Coaching sessions in nature support you to leave the fast-paced, technology-focussed world. We help you to reconnect with what really matters to thrive in a healing environment. You will be impressed about what you can accomplish with the right mindframe. With a FREE 30-minute consultation, we can help you choose from a range of programs which suit you.

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In My Nature is a business name of the Australian-owned Institute of Forest Therapy.

It is an Accredited Training Provider and an Associate Member of the INFTA logo International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA).

In My Nature acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.


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