It’s now quiet. I notice a butterfly and another and another… vigorous flight over the tall grass alongside the creek. All the sounds of the birds are quietening, as the sun’s rays, and heat, penetrate through the tree canopy. Morning gives way to a sunny afternoon.

It had been a long, wet winter. Sitting here in spring, I noticed how the creek really came to life, gurgling along as it wound its way through the neighbourhood. The grass had grown very tall! Branches snapped off in the strong winds and lie alongside the creek bed.

Now the sun is returning, bringing warmth, heat, scorching the tall grass that has just been cut alongside the walking track. I smell the grass as it withers away on the lawn. The scent of the gum trees is strong, a familiar fragrance of the Australian bush. I linger with it and wonder, does it taste of leaves, leaves and flowers, leaves and flowers and sun?

There’s flowers and grasses and pollen everywhere. I think I heard a bird sneeze!

I love the textures of sound and aroma of my sit spot. I must take my shoes off now and walk over the cut grass, feel the prickly bits and the new growth pushing its way to the sun.  Will my skin feel their connection to the hues of green; trees, bark, reeds, moss?

Here’s that butterfly again 🙂

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  • Laurence

    Very nicely written!

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