I was walking along the beach on a beautiful summer day, just breathing in the salty air, frolicking barefoot in the seaweed that had heaped up along the shoreline in the last storm. The sea was quiet and calm, just a gentle hint of movement as a light breeze drifted across the steel blue water. From the corner of my eye I noticed movement in the distance. A fin. A shark?! I stopped in my tracks. A few minutes later they were playfully circling around us: two dolphins. I found myself waist deep in the sea, savoring every magical moment. Have you ever noticed the kindness in a dolphin’s eyes? Or seen them smile as they poke their snouts out of the water?!

I wonder if the dolphins had a message for me? My sense is that they may have come to give me their blessings on my journey as a Forest Therapy Guide.

Did my experience remind you of a close encounter with nature?