For your convenience and information we have compiled a number of typical questions and answers about our services, forest therapy and how you can join. Just click on the selected button for an answer. Should you have a question not discussed here, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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Women’s Wellness Walks

Please don’t be scared. We all started small and have not been born with top fitness levels. What matters is your personal interest and wish to change yourself and your health to the better. Women’s Wellness Walks for beginners are ideal for you. We take a lot of time to gradually familiarize you with hiking, adequate exercises and appropriate gear to wear. We even offer a FREE 30 min consultation during which we are happy to discuss your specific issues in confidence.

No, we do not. Please feel free to use your own hiking gear. However, we take pride in advising you which gear to use and which would be most suitable for your purposes. Please use our FREE 30-min-consultation to discuss further particulars about what gear to wear or bring.

No, we do not. You are free to choose your own mode of transport. However, where useful, we are happy to assist in organising transport or car sharing.

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Forest Therapy

Yes, it does. The strength and duration of the manifold medical, physiological and psychological effects of Forest Therapy may vary from person to person and age to age. However, there will definitely be measurable effects.

This very much depends on the individual situation, prior experiences and your lifestyle. Overall, there is hardly anyone who does not notice an immediate improvement of his or her well-being. This is supported by hard medical and biophysiological effects. To learn more about these benefits, please feel free to download our reference material or take a closer look at the external links we have provided.

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Forest Therapy Retreats

Following so many requests from clients, we have decided to offer an exclusive Forest Therapy Retreat once each month. It is always scheduled to extend for a full weekend – arriving Friday and closing down Sunday evening. However, since there are so many magnificent and beautiful options – in Victoria but also across Australia or New Zealand – we would like to immerse ourselves at different locations each month. Please feel free to contact us which specific Forest Therapy Retreat is available next. While each of these retreats is aimed at giving you a maximum of health benefits, peace of mind and therapeutic support, the very programs for the retreats are individualized and, to some degree, also depend on the surroundings, the time of year, the group dynamics and weather.

Our Forest Therapy Retreats are, of course, open to any adult – male or female, young or old. While no prior booking of any other event we offer is mandatory, we suggest you try out a typical three-hour Forest Therapy walk first. It just gives a better idea what you can expect at an exclusive Forest Therapy Retreat during a whole weekend.

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