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Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. In Japan it is called "Shinrin-yoku (森林浴)" which translates to "forest bathing". It is a medically proven and internationally recognized therapeutic approach with a wealth of health benefits. Exclusively in Australia, In My Nature offers accredited Forest Therapy for your healthy and balanced life. Choose from introductory nature walks, guided Forest Therapy sessions and exclusive weekend Forest Therapy Retreats. If you are stressed, feeling tense, uneasy or anxious or if you are overweight and obese rely on nature. There is no better way for your well-being than to trust nature's own healing power: Forest Therapy!
Forest Therapy
along Maribyrnong Gentle, guided walks that support well-being through sensory immersion in forests and other naturally healing environments. Forest Therapy bears significant therapeutic value, taking the stress off you. It is a traditional, well-established and highly recommended stress reliever. It allows you to get away from the daily routines, the demands at your workplace or the regular boredom at home. To achieve desired health benefits, In My Nature offers regular day nature immersion walks or a tailor-made package of five weekly sessions. icon more...
Forest Therapy Retreats
sunset at Mt. Bogong A therapeutic weekend retreat is an excellent way of experiencing the many health benefits and a refreshment of mind and body through extended sessions of Forest Therapy. Our individualized, multi-day retreats are enhanced with Qigong and Yoga exercises and lead you to the most beautiful nature spots in Victoria. The retreats enhance your personality, develop a positive mindframe and bring your life into balance again. icon more...
Keep Calm and Walk!
beach walk

Guided wellness and day walks in nature give you a range of health benefits. We help to build your physical fitness and strength. You will be impressed about what you can accomplish with the right mindframe. But we also teach you about adequate nutrition to maintain your fitness levels and a healthy lifestyle. With a FREE 30-minute consultation, we can help you choose from a range of programs to suit you. icon more...
qigong exercise

Qigong is a traditional mind-body practice from China that can be practiced by anyone, young, old, active or sedentary. The aim of this ancient practice is to increase and manage qi, or life energy, by bringing the mind and body into alignment. We use Qigong to complement forest therapy sessions. We found that the simple, gymnastics-like movements help our participants to relax and focus their senses, mind and body even more. icon more...
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