In My Nature receives continuous media attention. This is due to the fact that In My Nature is the only authorized partner in Australia of the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA). INFTA is the regional umbrella organization for Forest Therapy cooperating closely with international partners in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, the UK and other EU countries. Further, In My Nature is the only professional and registered company offering Forest Therapy walks and Forest Therapy Guide training in Australia.

In the following, please find links to the most recent media coverage of In My Nature. Enjoy tuning in!

logo The Tired Girl Society
Article in the Australian online magazine “The Tired Girl Society” (issue Aug/Sep 2018)

logo Prevention Australia
Article in the Australian magazine “Prevention” based on interview with Susan Joachim, Januar 2018 (issue Feb/Mar 2018)

logo Baederverband MV
Our International Research Advisor, Dr. Dieter Kotte, has presented the health benefits and commercial potential of Forest Therapy in the Asian and Australian context at the International Congress “Forest and Its Potential for Health” in Germany, September 2017

logo ABC Radio
ABC Radio interview with Libby Gorr, 11 June 2017

logo healthline
Article in the US-based online magazine healthline by Dr Julia Fraga based on interview with Susan Joachim, June 2017

logo StarWeekly
Article on Forest Bathing in StarWeekly, 8 May 2017

logo Friends of the Koororoit
Article on Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) for the Friends of the Koororoit, May 2017

logo Explore the Dandenongs
Article in ‘Explore the Dandenongs’, April 2017

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