In My Nature has embarked on offering Forest Therapy™ Guide Training in close cooperation with the Australasian Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (ANFTA), Certified Forest Therapy Guides and forest therapy and environmental experts in Japan, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore and other countries.

At present, In My Nature is also engaged in assisting the Australasian Forest Therapy Alliance (ANFTA), the apex body which is going to establish formal training guidelines and curricula for interested people who wish to become Certified and Accredited Forest Therapy™ Guides in Australia and Asia.

forest bathing under the canopy of eucalypt trees

As such, we are teaming up and liaising closely with research institutions, government departments and other organisations in promoting evidence-based forest therapy and Shinrin-yoku as a nation-wide approach to improve health signicantly and sustainably in Australia.

We are proud to announce that the first Australian-based training of Forest Therapy Guides was successfully conducted 14-21 September 2017 at Pallotti College, Millgrove, Victoria.

alley of trees

In My Nature is pleased to announce support by and close cooperation with a number of health providers and environmental stakeholders, particularly Parks Victoria, Forest Glade Gardens and The Garden of St. Erth.

For further details on how to become an ANFTA-accredited and Certified Forest Therapy™ Guide please contact us.