To learn about Shinrin-yoku, Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy, mindfulness and hiking in nature requires a complex skill set and a range of knowledge from various disciplines. But next to the factual knowledge becoming a Certified Forest Therapy Guide or Personal Wellness Coach also demands personality, leadership and people skills, empathy … and a lot of common sense.

Turning the fascination for nature’s healing power and the dedication to share this with others into a viable business is still another matter. It’s like becoming a general practitioner, teacher or even priest. You have a personal calling and yet, you have to make a living with your specialized knowledge. Even and especially when deeply caring for people and their plights, shortcomings or helplessness.

Thus, we have thought very carefully about the fees we are going to charge for our services, guidance and consulting. Most of all, we want to make Forest Bathing, Women’s Wellness Hikes and Forest Therapy Retreats affordable to YOU so that you enjoy each moment of it and have no regrets about the money you spend. We have looked across the charges of wellness centers, tour operators and other specific therapeutic professions. And we looked at the fees charged for similar services in other countries, like Japan, South Korea, Germany or the USA.

As a result, we have decided to introduce all In My Nature services at very competitive fees:

Women’s Wellness Hike (beginner level) – three-hour introduction familiarizing you with the requirements and benefits of walking and hiking in nature (max. no. of participants: 10; women only); A$ 45.-

Women’s Wellness Hike (intermediate level) – six-hour guided wellness hiking in stunning and beautiful surroundings with some fitness challenges (max. no. of participants: 10; women only); A$ 90.-

Full Day Hike – approx. 8 hrs guided hike through stunning and beautiful surroundings to increase your wellness, mindfulness and personal fitness (max. no. of participants: 10); A$ 100.-

Forest Therapy – a rewarding, enjoyable and refreshing three-hour Shinrin-yoku (Forest Therapy) with a mindful tea ceremony at the end (max. number of participants: 10); A$ 65.-

Forest Therapy – a package of five individual events of Forest Therapy (recommended to be booked over five weeks); A$ 300.-

The charges to participate in a weekend Forest Therapy Retreat vary, of course, by group size, duration and location but, typically start at around A$ 500.- upwards (incl. several Shinrin-yoku walks, recreational exercises, food and lodging; excl. transport). Please contact us for further details.

All fees are per person and have to be paid upfront. Of course, we offer a client-friendly cancellation policy (for more details, please see our Terms & Conditions).